Medical Malpractice

Whether we like to admit it or not, sometimes doctors do make mistakes. It can be something as simple as a minor misdiagnosis, or a much more serious incident that could cost a patient their life.

Regardless of the circumstances, we all have an expectation and a right to expect a certain level of health care from doctors and hospitals. It’s unreasonable to expect that they can cure every ailment all the time, but the quality of the care they provide must meet accepted standards when we seek treatment. However, when that treatment falls short and results in harm to a patient, then that patient or their family members can seek damages for medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice cases are usually very complicated and will take months or even years to settle. It’s not uncommon for an intensive review of medical records to take place by expert witnesses who can support a malpractice case. In addition, large insurance companies often have deep pockets to defend malpractice cases and may employ deep pocket strategies over time designed to wear down a patient seeking damages.

The key to winning any malpractice suit is to prove negligence on the part of the doctor or hospital who provided treatment. Negligence can only be established if it can be proven that; there was an existing relationship between the doctor and the patient and therefore the doctor had a duty to provide quality care; the level of care provided deviated from accepted standards; and that there was a direct connection between the care and the injuries suffered by the patient.

Robert B. Treister has been actively pursuing medical malpractice claims for many years and has successfully recovered large settlements for his clients many times. If you have been the victim of negligent health care and suffered injuries or other losses, as a result, contact Mr. Treister to discuss possible legal remedies for your situation. 

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