If you have a family law problem, or have been injured in an accident, or as a result of the negligence of a physician or hospital, contact Mr. Treister promptly.
Separation, Dissolution, Nullity, Custody, Visitation, Child and Spousal Support, Restraining Orders, Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements, Adoptions, Property Settlement Agreements. 
Auto Accidents, Slip/Trip and Fall, Product Liability, Negligence. 
Negligence by Physicians, Hospitals or Other Healthcare Providers, and Lack of Informed Consent to Medical Procedures.
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Robert Treister has represented clients for over 30 years. His law firm in Cerritos is different, in that every client gets Robert’s personal attention.  You interact directly with Robert, who handles your case himself. You do not deal with paralegals, staff, intermediaries or subordinates. In family law cases, whether divorce, nullity, spousal support, child custody, child support,  visitation rights, and/or property rights, Robert works with you, one-on-one.

When you need legal help, there are many things you must take into account as you search for the right attorney to represent you. You will want to review the amount of experience an attorney has, whether that experience is directly related to your type of case or not, and what kind of track record the attorney has built throughout his career.

Most of all, you’ll want an attorney who is highly responsive to your needs and is able to communicate and decipher complicated legal issues so that you can clearly understand them and their implications. This will help reduce your fears as you work through the many complexities of the legal system.

Robert Treister has built a practice and a reputation on all of these qualities and takes pride in the fact that he works directly with each and every one of his clients.

His unique blend of more than three decades of practicing law combined with personalized service makes him the preferred choice among clients requiring legal services in the following areas:

Family Law – There are countless different kinds of family law legal issues that can require an experienced attorney to assist you when you need it. Mr. Treister provides a compassionate and thoughtful approach to assisting his clients with divorces, support issues, child custody concerns, visitation, property rights, and other related areas.

His goal is to help a couple resolve their issues as quickly as possible with fair terms for both parties, but he always places the protection of his clients’ rights above all else. Emotions can run raw and turn sour quickly in family law situations, and part of Mr. Treister’s efforts is finding ways to reduce the emotional intensity of these types of situations so that both parties can make rational decisions and move forward with their lives. He is a skilled mediator who can also save spouses money by helping them find common ground before they must resolve issues in court where a judge may or may not give each spouse what they want or deserve.

Divorce Law – Even under the best of situations, every divorce is going to have some level of animosity attached to it. In many cases, the emotions can override a rational approach to finding the most amicable and fair way to help a couple end their marriage as quickly as possible and with the least amount of expense as possible.

Robert Treister has represented clients going through the divorce process and can use his many years of experience as well as a steady hand to guide people through even the most difficult circumstances. Because California is a community property state, assets are generally split evenly between divorcing spouses. But in some cases, one spouse or the other will want to retain a full interest in a particular asset, such as a house, jewelry or other substantial pieces of property. When this happens, Mr. Treister works closely with the couple to reach a fair division of property. He also provides a steady hand when working through the difficult issue of child custody and parenting visitation plans. By proactively finding a way to resolve issues in the spirit of compromise before a couple stands in front of a judge, he can assist his clients in moving forward more quickly with their lives.

Child Custody Issues – When a couple separates and is headed for a divorce, the single biggest point of contention between them is who will get primary custody of any children born from the marriage. In California, courts will award custody based on what the best interests of the child are, and will also take into account the child’s preferences in creating a parenting plan. While the goal is to attempt to maintain frequent and ongoing contact with both parents, courts will also make sure that the health, safety and welfare of children of a divorcing couple are of primary concern and those issues will greatly influence a final decision.

Rather than leave an important decision such as child custody in the hands of the court, Mr. Treister is an experienced custody lawyer who will work with couples proactively to create a parenting plan that meets the needs of the children in a way that is fair and equitable to both parents.

Child and Spousal Support – In a divorce, many times one spouse will have been the primary wage earner in the family. In this situation, spouses and children in a marriage that is ending may be entitled to spousal and child support. There are many types of support in California, and all are based on a variety of factors including the age and health of a spouse at the time of the divorce, their capacity for future earnings, the length of a marriage and many other factors.

Seeking spousal or child support can be complicated and if you do not do a good job when you go to court, you could be shortchanging yourself for years to come. Robert Treister has helped spouses earn what they are entitled to for both spousal and child support and is well versed as a support lawyer in the formulas and thought processes used by the courts to confirm or deny requests made by spouses.

Accident Cases – When you are involved in an accident due to the negligence of another person, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and financial losses. You may be able to be reimbursed for medical bills, pain and suffering, property losses and other related expenses. Although accidents can happen in many ways, such as a car accident, a slip and fall or a trip and fall, being hit while riding a bike, or dozens of other ways, the key to winning a case is proving that the other party acted recklessly and those actions led directly to your losses.

A seasoned accident lawyer such as Robert Treister will be able to craft a strategy that best suits your particular situation by employing expert witnesses, forensic evidence analysis, and other important tools. However, the most valuable skill he brings to any accident case is the ability to negotiate with a defendant’s side to come up with a settlement, if at all possible. Without neglecting his client’s rights and ability to collect the maximum possible amounts, Mr. Treister knows that the stress, strain and length of legal proceedings in an accident case can cause undue hardships for his clients, even when they are on the right side of a case. Finding a way to settle a case saves time and money and provides a quicker resolution to a case, allowing a client to heal and move forward with their lives.

Injury Cases – With no warning whatsoever, anybody can sustain an injury that can have a long-lasting effect on his or her life. You can quickly go from leading a relatively normal life, to a place where your recovery overwhelms you with medical bills, legal issues, family concerns and in some cases, dealing with law enforcement officials.

If your injury takes place due to the negligent actions of another person or a company, you need to take steps as soon as possible to protect your legal, financial and emotional health by retaining a skilled personal injury lawyer. Because this could be one of the most important decisions of your life, you need to make sure you choose an attorney such as Robert Treister. Mr. Treister has been practicing personal injury law for more than 30 years and can draw upon that extensive experience to provide you with personalized, attentive and rational legal counsel.

By drawing on his strengths, Mr. Treister can shorten your recovery time, help you win the maximum amount you are entitled to, and shield you from the stress and strain of legal processes so that you can heal as quickly as possible.

Medical Malpractice Cases – When you retain the services of a doctor, or if you need to get medical help at a hospital, then you have every right to expect you will receive a certain level of quality care. Unfortunately, in some cases, this does not happen. Doctors and hospitals do make mistakes. But when those mistakes are due to carelessness or negligence, you may be able to seek compensation from them.

You will want an experienced attorney such as Robert Treister to represent you in your medical malpractice case. These types of cases are complicated, can take months or even years to settle, and you will be facing off against formidable legal opponents representing doctors or hospitals. You will want a legal representative that understands the many steps involved in a case like this and will vigorously defend your rights and help you gain the compensation you deserve.

The Law Office of Robert B. Treister serves clients in Cerritos, Bellflower, Norwalk, Lakewood, Long Beach, La Palma and surrounding Southern California cities.

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