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Getting a divorce is never an easy thing. A divorce under the best of circumstances where there is little animosity between the spouses, the end of a relationship can still add significant stress and strain to a person’s life. 

While some couples may choose to work through the divorce process on their own, going this route can leave a person wide open to a settlement that can cost them dearly in the long run. With so much on the line, the smartest thing a divorcing person can do is retain the services of a divorce attorney such as The Law Office of Robert B. Treister.

Mr. Treister brings 30 years of family law experience to every case. His extensive knowledge of California divorce laws and issues gives his clients protection so that they will be treated fairly while making it as easy as possible to get through this emotionally draining divorce process and move on with their lives.

Even in the best scenarios, divorcing couples will have disagreements. It may be about money. It may be about child custody. It may be about a division of assets or any other number of things. While couples may disagree on many things, one issue that they will both agree on is that spending unnecessary dollars on legal fees benefits only attorneys who become involved in the divorce proceedings. Mr. Treister understands these concerns, and that is why he will seek ways to negotiate a fair and amicable divorce as a preferred course of action going forward. However, when a situation calls for it, Mr. Treister will also fight vigorously for his clients in court, protecting their assets, fighting for their family rights and making sure any

If you are in the early stages of going through a divorce, it makes sense to contact Mr. Treister to explore your options to find out the best way to protect your interests. You are under no obligation when you contact him for a free consultation.

The Law Office of Robert B. Treister serves clients in Cerritos, Bellflower, Norwalk, Lakewood, Long Beach, La Palma and surrounding Southern California cities.

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