Bicycle Accident Attorney in Cerritos

With such great year round weather and miles upon miles of roads, bike paths and streets to enjoy, Southern California is a bicycle rider’s paradise in many respects. It’s a great way to get fresh air and exercise and is a lifestyle that is well suited to many people.

However, in exchange for the freedom that comes from riding a bike, riders assume much more risk. Accidents and injuries take place frequently. Some of those are due to rider errors, but others take place through the fault of someone else. Some are minor, but others are serious. In fact, while bike accidents account for 2 percent of all fatalities nationally, in California, they represent nearly 4 percent of fatalities. This happens despite the fact that California laws clearly state that persons riding bikes have the same rights to use a roadway as any other vehicle. 

It should come as no surprise that as the streets remain a dangerous place, the need to hold drivers and other responsible parties accountable for bike accidents has grown as well. 

Bicycle accident attorneys represent riders who have been injured through a variety of possible scenarios. Robert Treister is an accomplished bicycle accident attorney who has pursued claims for a variety of infractions, including driver negligence, recklessness, violations of the California Vehicle Code, mechanical failures of bikes (and pursuing claims against manufacturers), and poorly marked warnings in dangerous areas such as construction zones. 

Insurance companies are motivated to try and settle claims as quickly as possible in an attempt to protect their bottom line. When an experienced attorney like Robert Treister is involved, he is better positioned to investigate a case thoroughly and will be a more effective negotiator resulting in a much higher award settlement for his clients.

The Law Office of Robert B. Treister serves clients in Cerritos, Bellflower, Norwalk, Lakewood, Long Beach, La Palma and surrounding Southern California cities.

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